Escape from Tarkov: Arena – Your Next-Level Hardcore Gaming Experience

Escape from Tarkov: Arena is the latest buzz in the hardcore gaming world. Developed by @bstategames, this session-based competitive PVPVE shooter seamlessly integrates the well-known @tarkov mechanics, offering an exhilarating blend of tactical team modes and fast-paced gameplay.

BETS ARE MADE: A Competitive Arena Awaits

EFT: Arena is where the hardcore elements of Escape from Tarkov meet the adrenaline of session matches. Prepare for intense PVPvE first-person shooter action, where strategic team play is the key to victory.


Players can select equipment presets based on their rank and chosen role. This system ensures a balanced and competitive environment, tailored to your playstyle.


In a groundbreaking move, your character’s level, skills, and weapon mastery in EFT: Arena will also grow in Escape from Tarkov, and vice versa. Progress in one game benefits the other, creating a cohesive gaming experience.

RANK MATTERS: Fair and Competitive

Climb the ranks in competitive games and face opponents of equal skill. Your rating in ranked games reflects your prowess and matches you with worthy adversaries.

BIG ARSENAL: Extensive Choices

Utilize a vast array of weapons, mods, medicine, and other items straight from Escape from Tarkov. Personalize your loadout to suit your combat style.

Game Modes: Diverse and Engaging

  • Shootout: A round-robin tournament in solo, duo, or trio modes, culminating in a final showdown between the top teams.
  • Teamfight: Two teams of five clash in a best-of-seven rounds format, with objective points adding another layer to the strategy.
  • Overrun: A cooperative PvE mission for teams of five, focusing on clearing locations, accomplishing objectives, and safe evacuation.
  • Last Hero: A free-for-all deathmatch where the player with the most kills within a time limit reigns supreme.

Game Locations: Varied and Exciting

From the secretive SAWMILL to the transformed AIR PIT airport terminal, each location offers a unique backdrop for your battles.

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  • Rating Boost: Improve your competitive edge in ranked games.
  • Skill Boost: Enhance your abilities and gameplay strategies.

Escape from Tarkov: Arena offers a unique challenge to hardcore gamers. With METAMMO, you’re not just playing the game; you’re mastering it. Join us and elevate your gaming experience to the next level.

Escape from Tarkov Arena: A New Thrill in Tactical FPS

Escape from Tarkov Arena: A New Thrill in Tactical FPS

Introducing “Escape from Tarkov Arena”: A New Thrill in the World of Tactical FPS

In the evolving landscape of first-person shooters, a new contender is emerging from the shadows of its predecessor. “Escape from Tarkov Arena”, a standalone project by Battlestate Games, is set to redefine the tactical FPS experience. Building upon the gritty, realistic foundations of “Escape from Tarkov”, this new title promises a more concentrated and action-packed gameplay. Here’s everything you need to know about this much-anticipated game.

Main Body

1. Game Concept: “Escape from Tarkov Arena” shifts the focus from survival and exploration to fast-paced, close-quarter battles. Designed as a standalone game, it offers a more accessible version of Tarkov’s hardcore combat experience. It’s perfect for players looking for quick, intense skirmishes without the long-term commitment of the original game.

2. Gameplay Dynamics: Expect a variety of combat modes, ranging from traditional deathmatches to potentially unique modes tailored for this arena setting. The game retains the sophisticated and realistic combat mechanics of “Escape from Tarkov”, but in a more controlled environment, allowing players to engage in relentless action.

3. Graphics and Technology: Leveraging the same engine as the original game, “Escape from Tarkov Arena” will likely boast high-level graphics and attention to detail. This similarity ensures a seamless transition for existing fans while attracting new players with its refined visuals.

4. Standalone Nature: It’s important to note that “Escape from Tarkov Arena” is not an expansion or mod, but a separate entity. This means a separate purchase is required, offering a distinct experience that differs from the parent game.

5. Audience Engagement: The game is poised to attract not only the existing fans of “Escape from Tarkov” but also a new audience that prefers faster-paced shooters without the complexity of survival elements.


“Escape from Tarkov Arena” is gearing up to offer an exhilarating blend of realism and action. By maintaining the depth and intricacy that “Escape from Tarkov” is known for, while introducing a more dynamic combat environment, this game is set to be a significant addition to the tactical FPS genre. Keep an eye out for further updates and releases from Battlestate Games.

Fallout 76 Game Review

Returning to the Wasteland: An In-Depth Look at Fallout 76


Fallout 76 marks a bold new direction for Bethesda’s beloved post-apocalyptic series. As the first multiplayer installment in the franchise, it offers a unique blend of survival, exploration, and community building in the vast wastelands of West Virginia.

Story and World

Set before the events of the previous games, Fallout 76 explores the aftermath of nuclear devastation from a fresh perspective. Players emerge from Vault 76, tasked with rebuilding society amidst a world filled with mutant creatures, environmental hazards, and the remnants of humanity. The game’s narrative is driven by quests, environmental storytelling, and player interactions, offering a dynamic and evolving plot.

Gameplay Mechanics

Multiplayer and Social Interaction

Fallout 76’s multiplayer aspect brings players together in various ways, from forming squads for questing to engaging in player-versus-player (PvP) combat. The presence of other players adds unpredictability and excitement to the gameplay.

Building and Survival

The game emphasizes survival mechanics like resource gathering and base building. The C.A.M.P. system allows players to construct and maintain their own bases, adding a creative and strategic element to the game.

Combat and Exploration

Combat in Fallout 76 combines real-time shooting with the series’ traditional V.A.T.S. system. The vast, open world of Appalachia is filled with hidden treasures, challenging enemies, and intriguing landmarks, encouraging thorough exploration.

Development and Updates

Since its release, Fallout 76 has evolved significantly. Bethesda has released major updates and expansions, including “Wastelanders” and “Steel Dawn,” which introduced new quests, NPCs, and mechanics, significantly enhancing the game’s depth and appeal.

Community and Interaction

The Fallout 76 community plays a crucial role in shaping the game’s environment. Players can join forces for events, trade items, and influence the game’s economy and ecosystem. The mix of cooperative and competitive elements creates a diverse and engaging multiplayer experience.

Critical and Player Reception

Fallout 76 received mixed reviews at launch, with criticism focused on technical issues and a lack of content. However, subsequent updates have addressed many of these issues, earning the game a more positive reception from both critics and players.

Personal Experience and Reflections

[Your personal experience and thoughts about the game]


Fallout 76 is a game of contrasts – while it deviates from the traditional single-player Fallout experience, it offers an intriguing new take on the series. It’s a game that rewards patience and collaboration, and with ongoing updates, it continues to grow and improve.

Discussion Questions

  • How does Fallout 76 contribute to the evolution of the Fallout series?
  • How has the multiplayer aspect influenced your perception of the Fallout universe?

Genshin Impact – Guide and End-game

Let’s skip the comparisons with Breath of the Wild, forget that this is an F2P project and leave the discussion of gacha mechanics for later. A new game came out and fired in such a way that nobody could expect. The initial flow of positive emotions is slowly disappearing, pitfalls begin to emerge, but you nevertheless decided to try the game yourself, or have recently started and want to know what awaits you at the end. At the time of writing, I am AR 35 + play in beta and I have something to tell you.

First of all, you need to understand how you plan to play this game. If you are just interested in wandering around the world, watching the plot and see what is behind that stone – you are welcome. You will not be asked for entrance fee, the game runs on any calculator, the initial wow effect is almost guaranteed, and even if the acquaintance with the game does not continue the next day, you will not get the feeling that you have wasted your time. Even if your goal is to hardcore vacuuming the entire map, to open everything that you can, in the beginning, the game only does what encourage you in such an endeavor.

Advice №1. Boost your AR to 20 lvl before November 11, the day of release of patch 1.1. For reaching this mark you will receive the character-doctor Barbara.

With any style of play, this mark is reached in 2-5 days of play, so at the moment you have about a month to grab some freebies. The best option at this stage is to complete storyline and additional tasks. Just a little about him. Not a penny was spent on any Kaufmons, we have a fairly standard fairy-tale anime story, which, of course, has no end (after all, we are playing a service game, do not forget). The brightest character is your companion Paimon. You will love or hate her, but she is the main generator of funny and not so moments of history. There is one more, rather subjective point, but there are too many Chinese names in the game that I just can’t get my head around. After completing certain stages of the main quest, you will be asked to raise the level of the adventure rank, but if you do all sorts of additional activities and tasks in parallel, there can be no question of any level walls up to 25.

Advice №2. Level 13 is the main task at the beginning of the game. After it, access to daily tasks opens, with the help of which you can get 60 source stones (currency for real money), and pump the level of friendship with characters (pieces of lore open up and so far do not particularly affect anything else)

However, at the moment the game ends too quickly. And when all the quests are completed, and points of interest are found, the grind enters the scene. Resource farming itself is not so terrible if it is presented in an interesting way and is not functionally limited. And here everything is not very happy.

Resources for pumping characters and weapons are knocked out of monsters and are mined as a reward for completing dungeons (where you also beat monsters) and for access to some bosses and all dungeons you have to pay with a separate resource – resin. Initially, you have 120 units of resin available, access to the dungeon requires 20, and bosses from 40 to 60. Once every 8 minutes, one unit is refilled, if you do not want to wait – use a consumable that will instantly replenish 60 points or pay the source stones up to six times a day.

Character LVLCharacter WeaponCharacter Artefacts

Advice №3. Many dungeons will not be available to you and the bosses are too difficult at the beginning of the game. Waste your resin on stagnant Artethria. There are two types of them: yellow ones give money and friendship experience, blue ones – experience cards and also increase friendship.

The second most important resource is experience cards. Yes, for killing monsters, characters get a little experience, but this type of grind is absolutely useless in Genshin Impact, in order to effectively pump a squad, you need to collect cards. Worth to note, that even if you don’t plan to add a dime to the game, even from free rolls you will get someone. You can complete the game

with any party, but you can not complete the game efficiently and count on the successful and fast passage of the Twisted Abyss (at the moment, the most difficult dungeon in the game) with anyone in the team. See guides and tirllists and don’t waste experience cards on frankly weak characters.

Advice №4. Upgrade or strong characters or waifu, because waifu of any tier is better than 5* character!


Unfortunately, the situation with experience cards looks like a banal flaw of the developers, or as a special stub to force people to play more, because it is very difficult to pump more than four characters to level 70. Mora – the local currency and resource number 3 of the game is mined literally from everywhere, and with Arteries so generally on an acceptable scale. But for the blue flower we get 15 experience cards of the second tier, which for characters of level 50+ is a spit in the sea.

The simplest situation is with artifacts. Take a stronger artifact, pump it with weaker ones. There are sets of two or four items, the fifth is always up to you. The game is not greedy for the number of four-star, strong enough artifacts. The main thing is to pay attention to the bonuses – the same outwardly object can enhance both health and the strength of any element.

Advice №5. I see no point in wasting resin on artifact-rewarding dungeons until you reach the level where you can get five-star versions of jewelry as a reward.

And since we’re talking about the store, it’s worth evaluating how free Genshin Impact is. The store has several currencies. The first are crystals, for which you can purchase sets with experience cards, money and stones for pumping weapons. Crystals can also be exchanged one to one for source stones, which are needed to buy loot boxes and replenish resin reserves. Next we are greeted by stellar brilliance and stardust. This is a kind of cashback: for any three-star item from the loot box, you get dust, and for items of greater rarity, shine. For this currency, you can also purchase consumables and resources or convert them into new loot boxes.

Advice №6. The best attachment of star-shine is characters. For the second month in a row, Razor and Amber are available in this section. If the rotation does not change, then this is the most stable chance of getting the required number of copies of Razor – one of the strongest four-star characters.

A separate item will be “Blessing of the Hollow Moon” – a kind of premium, for which you will receive 300 crystals at once and 2700 source stones within a month. Perhaps this is the most reasonable investment of money in the store, only if you are not a whale and are not going to spin a gacha for tens of thousands of rubles.

Also, upon reaching the 20 adventure rank, the Battle Pass will become available to you. Free version and for money, here without revelations. For pumping it, you will receive a few loot boxes and a bunch of resources that will greatly speed up character upgrades. In the paid version, the amount of resources is tripled, and at level 30 they will give one of four types of weapons to choose from. The second thing recommended for purchase if you plan to stay in the game seriously and for a long time.

The last on the list “What to spend money on in this game”, but the most important in fact – loot boxes. The same gacha, paradise for gamblers and pain for the average player who is not ready to spend lots of money. At the moment, the game has three (four) banners and two types of resources for them. Fateful Encounters are used for the rookie banner (available two times ten rolls), the weapon banner, and the standard banner. Intertwining Fates will appear to be used for name banners (currently Venti’s character banner). The probability of pulling out a five-star waifu is extremely small, so the banners have a pity timer – the ninetieth roll will bring you a character of the highest rarity. In the case of a personalized banner, the one hundred and eightieth roll is guaranteed to give you this character. Prior to version 1.1, at the initial stages, the game gives out loot boxes and source stones. So if you start playing, then right now. Separately, I would like to point out the most profitable banner scrolling strategy for starting goodies. At Adventure Rank 5, you get ten Fateful Encounters worth spending on the Beginner Banner. From it you will 100% get the character Noelle, the other nine items are the will of Uncle Lao. At the seventh level, you will be given 1600 source stones, which is ten loot boxes. I advise you to spend them on Venti’s banner (a very strong support character and if you have no personal dislike for appearance or anything else, spin his banner on all available stones). At the tenth rank of the adventure, another gift awaits you in the form of ten Fateful Encounters. Spend them on the second and last roll of the newbie banner. Then act at your own discretion: if you want a certain waifu, save stones for a specific personalized banner, no – a banner with Venti is a great way to amuse your inner gambling addict.

Advice №7. Spending the stones of the source on a standard banner is a waste of money.

As any other gacha, collecting all the characters of the highest rank, and even in the required number of copies for pumping the talent tree without pouring real money, is an almost impossible task. To get at least one copy of all the characters in a conditional six months, provided that the developers from miHoYo will not tighten the screws (and according to rumors, they want to increase the drop percentage in general) is, in principle, realistic. If you are burning with a thirst for collecting and you certainly collect them all at once, and even without money, it is better not even to start.

At the moment, we have before us a fairly strong session project, which is not a joke at first, but sags towards the end-game. Yes, this game about grind, but its quality and quantity is not at the best level yet. Now the game is at a turning point, or miHoYo will cope with the hype wave and show that it does not give a damn about the players and their opinions, or in six months the game will be forgotten and will live only standing on three whales, if you understand what I mean.



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