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Shadowlands Afterlives: Ardenweald


Ardenweald is a realm of the Shadowlands founded by the Winter Queen and inhabited by the Night Fae Covenant. An enchanted, mystical forest of rest and hibernation, Ardenweald is where Wild Gods and other spirits of nature travel upon death. Giant dream trees across the forest draw in anima, which is then used by the Night Fae to rejuvenate the spirits as they slumber inside wildseeds and prepare them to be reborn into the world of the living. In addition, Ardenweald serves as an afterlife for mortal souls who shared a close bond with the natural cycle, like druids and hunters. Upon arrival, these souls can choose an animal form infused with Ardenweald’s celestial magic and spend an eternity caring for the wilds. Ardenweald can be compared to the Emerald Dream, but where the Dream represents the spring and summer of the cycle of life, Ardenweald reflects autumn and winter. In essence, the realm is the highest expression of the relationship between endings and beginnings—between Death and Life.

Ardenweald is where the demigod Cenarius recovered after his death during the Third War, before returning to Azeroth during the Cataclysm. Recently, Ardenweald has suffered more keenly from soul-drought than any other realm in the Shadowlands. For the first time in endless ages, the Night Fae’s Winter Queen must choose which of the land’s formerly lush groves—and which souls—will be fed the last precious drops of anima and which will fade away forever. In addition, Ardenweald is also under attack by the Drust, who are invading from their realm of Thros in order to use the rebirth mechanisms of Ardenweald as a means to escape their fate


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Customer’s guide on securing a account

In this guide, we’ll go step by step on how to fully secure a purchased account

To take full control of a account, you need the following information:

  • Account username (email)
  • Account password
  • There must not be phone number or authenticator linked
  • At least one of the following:
    *Access to the email account
    *Knowing the secret answer

Then you need to do the following:

  • Change the email
  • Change the password
  • Change the secret answer
  • Make sure that there’s no phone and authenticator added
  • Terminate sessions
  • Unlink accounts
  • Revoke access from apps
  • Remove saved payment methods

Below is a step by step tutorial with images, on how to easily do all of that.

Step 1:

Go to or and log in to the account using the provided email and password.

It will ask for a security check, where you can pick between a code sent to the current email or the answer to the secret question:

Step 2:

Once you’re logged in, open the account overview page (

On the left, click on the “Account Details” tab. Here, you can modify the email of the account by clicking on the “Update” button on the right. It will just ask you to type in a new email and once you click save, the email will be changed.

The email will be marked as “Unverified” and you’ll receive a message with a verification link which you can click to make it verified. Verifying the email is optional and there’s no downside to keeping the email in the unverified state. The account will work the same.

On the same page, check the “Phone number” section to make sure that no phone is added. If there’s no phone, there should just be a blue “Add Phone Number” link.

Step 3:

Click on the Security tab on the left.

Change the password by clicking on the Update button on the right. It will ask you to type in and confirm a new password, as well as to provide the old. After clicking on Save the password is changed.

Make sure the blizzard authenticator status is “Inactive”.

Click on Update next to the secret question. You’ll be presented with a set of 6 questions and will be asked for an answer to the one you choose.

Click on the “Log out from all devices” button. This will terminate all existing sessions, both for the games and for account management.

Step 4:

Click on the “Connections” tab on the left.

Connected accounts allow you to log in to the account without knowing the username or password. They provide full access to the account and are basically a backdoor to the account. You must remove all those links for your account to be secured.

Disconnect all connected accounts by clicking on the “Disconnect” button next to each one that’s linked.

You can also revoke access to applications, by clicking on the “Remove” button next to each. Applications usually don’t have any access to the account, but you can remove them for the sake of just cleaning up the account.

Step 5:

Click on the “Payment methods” tab on the left.

Any saved Paypal accounts and credit cards will be listed here. You should remove all of them by clicking on the Remove button next to each.

You have now successfully taken full control of the account!