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Hello there! Selling WHALE Genshin Impact NA account! One of the best in G2G and all markets arround! Take a look!



Characters (5 star)
3x Jean
2x Venti
1x Mona
4x Geo MC + 4x Anemo MC

Characters (4 star) [note, 7x is max constellation]
7x Fischl
7x Xiangling
7x Barbara
4x Razor
3x Benett
3x Lisa
2x Amber
2x Noelle
4x Kaeya
1x Ningguang
4x Sucrose
2x Chongyun
3x Beidou
2x Xingqiu

Weapons (5 star)
2x Aquila Favonia; undeniably the best weapon in game
1x Amos Bow
1x Lost Prayer to the Sacred Winds
1x Skyward Blade
1x Skyward Pride
1x Primordial Jade Winged-Spear
All great 5* weapons

Weapons (4 star max pot)
Stringless Bow
Favonius Lance
Rain Slasher
The Bell

Several other 4 star weapons at Refine Rank 2-4

Contact us via Discord:
https://discord.gg/w5STbWu – write to jostbik#8556

• Trusted and experienced seller
• Most of our accounts were leveled by local team only with selling purpose
• Every account is carefully checked and verified by us. It minimizes chances of problems in future
• We are online every day and always ready to help if you faced any trouble

Have a nice day!

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