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Kills Boost

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Do you want to get more Kills for your favorite Legend? Our boosters will do a lot of kills and improve stats K/DR! And If you want will get both best Achievement in game Legends Wake + Wraith Tier 4 (20 kills + 4.000 dmg) in one game!
Our team provide high-quality boosting service for Apex Legends, with METAMMO you will get good experience and will save your time!


Additional Options:

Specific Legend – Choose a legend that need Boost Wins
LiveStream – We will stream your boost personally for you on twitch or youtube.


Information about service:

– Starting within 1-6 hours after order.
– All Boosting is done by hands, we don’t use bots, cheats or any exploits
– Stream is passible (Twitch/Youtube).
– Boosting will be done in unranked matches, but if you need it feel free to ask us!


Useful information:

Also you can do multi-order Kills Boost + Achievenents

If you have any questions feel free to ask us in live-chat or join to Discord discord.gg/w5STbWu