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Firemaw PVP — Tauren female Druid 60 — EPIC & Unreal bnet name

100% mount
Epic/blue for all specs
Main spec is feral tank (6400 HP unbuffed), BiS for current game content
315 Fire resistance set
200+ Nature resistance set
Enchanting 300/300
Engineering 260/300
Cooking 300/300
First Aid 300/300
Fishing 280/300
Alterac Valley exalted
MC+ONY+BWL attuned
350 gold
Unreal battle net name
Eligible for paid transfer (not on cooldown)

PVE tank = https://classic.wowhead.com/gear-planner/druid/tauren/AjwAAUIEAkcdA0u9BTHVBkrNBy4tCEJWCTKmSjPKAm8LSb8MS30NNo4OLiMPP9YQA68

PVE resto = https://classic.wowhead.com/gear-planner/druid/tauren/AjwAAUIEAkeNA0hgBUvHBkG8B027CEhLCkG_Cz66DEa3DUgmDjKCDy1nEDaMES6Y

PVE feral DPS = https://classic.wowhead.com/gear-planner/druid/tauren/AjwAATRcAkKUAzQuBTHVBkG8BzKjCEJWCTKmCjaFC0t9DDEADUqwDkl_DzQcEEud

PVP flag carrier > https://classic.wowhead.com/gear-planner/druid/tauren/AjwAAUIEAkcdA0hgBTRCBhDoBy4vCCnkCUG-CkG_C0m_DEt9DUmlDingDy1nEDaMERN4

If you need any more info or pics, just ask in chat

You can always contact me via discord too:
stre#3965 or https://discord.gg/w5STbWu

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