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Gandling PvP – EPIC Undead female Mage [1418]

it has 11 Trinkets aswell
Rank 10
Different Gear for all class duels
NR Gear ready for AQ40
Argent Dawn Rep ready for Naxxaramas
11% crit on gear
ZG Rep exalted, AQ40 Rep Friendly u can get Finger too
Eligible for paid transfer (not on cooldown)

Screenshots: i.imgur.com/UUy0OtD.png

Gear Planner: classic.wowhead.com/gear-planner/mage/undead/AjwAAUuvAlRoA0BsBTdIBkGiB0A6CFlMCVPYCkIRC1OmDFTLDU3uDkjKD1i3EEucEk3X

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