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Gehennas PvP – Undead male Rogue + 59 Undead male Warrior [1440]

-Alchemy – 300/300
-Herbalism – 300/300
-First Aid – 300/300


-Mount: 100% – Frostwolf Howler

Gear – 2/5 Tier 2.5, 8/8 T2, and 7/8 Tier 1. Other dungeon sets in the bank as well.

Weapons: Perdition’s Blade + Core Hound Tooth (currently specced as daggers) OR Vis’Kag the Bloodletter + Brutality Blade
Neck: Onyxia’s Tooth Pendant
Cloak: Cape of the Black Baron/Zulian Tigerhide Cloak
Ranged: Gurubashi Dwarf Destroyer
Boots: Boots of the Shadow Flame
Rings: Don Julio’s Band + Master Dragonslayer’s Ring + Signet Ring of the Bronze Dragonflight
Trinkets: Hand of Justice + Blackhand’s Breadth.. (Venomous Totem)

Gear is enchanted – Zul’Gurub enchants and offset enchants, +15 Agi / +5 Weapon Dmg (Daggers) & 2 x Crusader (Swords)

Both characters have around 10-20 Consecrated Sharpening Stones

Both rogue and warrior possess these: Tabard of the Argent Dawn, Full Undead Slayer’s Armor (on rogue) & Full Battlegear of Undead Slaying (on warrior)
– 2 x Lord Blackwood’s Blade (unobtainable) on both characters (they can be dual-wielded on both characters, unique dark glow, similar to the one on Bonereaver’s Edge, looks pretty dope)
– Hoarded a lot of stuff on rogue in the bank (unique/quest item/consumable stuff)

Argent Dawn – 8-9k to Exalted
Zandalar Tribe – Exalted
Frostwolf Clan – Exalted
Brood of Nozdormu is close to Exalted

Lvl 58 (54 on the screenshot, later leveled to 58) UD Warrior – Axe of Deep Wounds + Flurry Axe + Just some pre-BiS scattered items, other than tabard, Scourge Invasion set, and the unobtainable sword, nothing in particular to mention.

Screenshots: imgur.com/a/MoZrXp4

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