Honor Farm

Honor System has been reworked with the release Shadowlands.
After rework Honor System you again can use Honor Points and buy PvP Starters Gear and upgrade it up to 197+ ilvl.

$ 0.00

    x1000 Honor


What service includes:

  • The selected amount (up to 20000) of Honor farmed by unrated Battlegrounds;
  • Optional rated PvP Honor farm for a Great Vault completion;
  • Possibility to buy rare Honor gear at PvP vendor in Oribos;
  • Possibility to complete Observing Battle PvP weekly quest;
  • All loot stay on your account;


  • WoW Shadowlands expansion purchased and active;
  • 60 level character;
  • No specific ilvl gear required;
  • Boosting Method – Account Sharing;


What happent afrer purchasing?

When your payment will be complete, we will add you on Discord(don’t forget to indicate yoru Discord tag in checkout). After contacted you, we will start boost. ETA depends of option you chose.


Are my account details safe with you?

From our side, you get maximum security. Only booster will have access to account information. Your account details will, of course, be handled discreetly.