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Incendius PVP — Dwarf male Priest 70

This account was leveled by our team only with selling purpose and it’s 100% safe to play.

150 riding (epic ground mount)
Blue gear
600 gold
* Honor Hold honored
* Cenarion Expedition honored
* Lower City revered (key)
* The Sha’tar neutral
* Keepers of Time friendly
Unreal battle net name = Lifetime warranty against recalls
Eligible for paid transfer (not on cooldown)

Screenshot > https://i.imgur.com/UMXmIMP.png

Gear > https://tbc.wowhead.com/gear-planner/priest/dwarf/A0YAAQBwVwIAazADAG2rBQBfTQYAcpAHAHKhCAB6UAkAbX0KAHKFCwBk4gwAZHENAF9GDgBtiA8AYckQAGSfEQBykhIAZVM

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