• We are professional team providing hand-made services for WoW Classic Realms
  • We have been working for years on Vanilla 1.12.1 Private Projects and acquired top-ranked reputation

Security & Privacy:

  • We do not use any bots, hacks or exploits
  • We keep account’s privacy and character’s anonymity
  • VPN/Proxy connection for your region at our disposal

Terms & Conditions:

  • All items and loot stay on your character
  • You should not log in to the account until we have finished not to compromise its safety
  • You are not allowed to interact with a character in-game and send any whispers
  • We can update the latest progress any time almost 24/7

Important note:

  • Extra gold can be required that is not included in price,
    if you order only crafting profession without any gathering one
  • Discounts available while ordering primary professions with 1-60 leveling