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211 ilvl — 60 Undead Shadow Priest; lvl 60 Tauren Paladin (PVE) ilvl 195; 60 Troll Mage with low ilvl

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Shadowlands epic edition:
lvl 60 UD priest (PVE) ilvl 211 with BiS legendaries for Shadow priest and holy raiding
Enough soul ash to max one ledgendary
BiS and seccond BiS conduit for shadow

lvl 60 Tauren paladin (PVE) ilvl 195 with 2 legendaries for Retri aoe and prot

lvl 60 Troll mage with low ilvl

12k+ achievement points
100k gold
100 mounts
92 pets
73 toys
39 heirlooms
No real ID friends and no guild that question anything

In addition a level 60 human mage on classic with different epic sets and epic mount on noggenfrogger
+ different cardbacks and payed adventures on Hearthstone


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