TBC Powerleveling

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Looking to buy WoW TBC Powerleveling? You are choice the right place!

METAMMO it’s team of professional players with more than 5 years of experience in WoW official and private projects. Started to boost on private servers such as Nostalrius, Elysium, Kronos, etc and for the last 1.5 years we have been focused on official Classic servers and now we are ready to work in next TBC addon.

Why You should choose METAMMO?
• Trusted and experienced seller
• We keep account’s privacy and character’s anonymity
• We always do our work in time. No exceptions and excuses.
• We don’t use bots, cheats or exploits, all work only by hands.
• Leveling will be performed by professional players with years of experience.
• Everything stays on your account, we don’t steal any items or gold
• Our team is located in Eastern Europe, but we will use Premium VPN to emulate your original location.
• Permanent report of screenshots with current progress
• We are online every day and always open to help

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