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Venthyr Demon Hunter — 145 ilvl / 60 Level / 420+ mounts / 5 Covenant: Venthyr

Covenant: Venthyr Rank 5

Transmog items 2486 Total
Specialization – Havoc

Rare Mounts >
Mighty Caravan Brutosaur
Glacial Tidestorm (Mythic Jaina)
Aerial Unit R-21/X
Awakened Mindborer (unobtainable – BFA Keystone Master)
Uncorrupted Voidwing (unobtainable – AOTC Nyalotha)
Corridor Creeper (Thorghast Achievement)
Time-Lost Proto-Drake
Phosphorescent Stone Drake (Aeonaxx drop)
Riding Turtle (TCG / Rare Fishing)
Fiery Warhorse (Karazhan BC)
Onyxian Drake
Raven Lord
Vicious White Warsaber (BFA S4 – unobtainable)
Junkheap Drifter (Mechagon Rare Drop)
Frostshard Infernal (350 Mount Achievement)
Vicious Warspider (PVP Shadowlands S1)
Sintouched Deathwalker (Keystone Master Shadowlands S1)

Rare Achievements (15.870 Total Achievement Points) >
Veteran of the Alliance (RBG)
Keystone Master BFA 8.3 (all 15s in time)
Keystone Master Shadowlands S1 (all 15s in time)
AOTC N’zoth
AOTC Sire Denatrius
Rival in Arenas
Challenger in RBGs
Mad World (Visions of Nzoth with 5 masks)
Conspicucous Consumption (buy a caravan brutosaur during BFA)
No Stable Big Enough (350 unique mounts)
Available in Eight Colors (all mechagon mount colors)
55 Reputations Exalted

Rare Toys:
Foam Sword Rack (unobtainable – TCG)
Katy’s Stampwhistle (mailbox)
N’lyeth, Silve of N’Zoth

Total Gold in Account: 700,000

Characters in Account:
1x 60 Demon Hunter
5x 50 (DH, War, Rogue, Druid, Monk)


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