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Terms of Service

1. Our business

By using our services, you have an agreement with METAMMO and its associated Terms of Services, Privacy policy & Refund Policy.

2. Our Service/Products

METAMMO is providing you boosting services, virtual items/currency and game accounts.

All the virtual items offered on our website remain the property of the owners of the server/game.

METAMMO claims no ownership of the virtual goods such as virtual currency, in-game items or virtual accounts.

3. Warranty

Please read about our warranty on this page.

4. Ownership

Once you purchased in-game currency, a boosting service or an account from us, we are in no way obligated to offer any kind of refunds in case of buyer’s remorse.

In case you bought an account you don’t like, you may yet turn it back in for some credit on our site towards a different account.

5. In game rules

METAMMO is a retailer of World of Warcraft gold, boosting & characters. Trading/buying/selling is against the Terms of Service of these servers/projects and may lead to in-game restrictions.

By purchasing any of our services, you accept that METAMMO can not be held responsible for any in-game restrictions.

This also applies to the optional ‘free’ gold upon purchasing one of our accounts.

6. Payment options

METAMMO is accepting the following forms of payments: Paypal, Bitcoin, Visa, Mastercard

We do not held any responsibilities, unless clearly proven, for any unauthorized transactions made for our services.

7. Payment fraud

METAMMO reserves the right to terminate our services with you upon any attempt to unrightfully claim your money or abuse Paypal Buyer’s Protection to receive a refund.

By termination our services means you will not be able to claim ownership to any of your purchases on our webshop.

Refunds are only eligible when they meet our guidelines described at number 3. Also, in case it is eligible for a refund, we will be doing these refunds on our initiative and not on yours.

8. Delivery

After the payment through our website has been processed and verified, the customer will receive the virtual good or account account. To give a rough estimate:

Virtual currency (ingame gold/items) usually takes between 15-30 minutes.

Game accounts usually take less than 6 hours.

Powerleveling usually starts the same day/date as the purchase.

In case you have not received the goods/service within 24hours, (In case we’re out of stock or personal issue) a full refund is issued.