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About our accounts:

  • Most of accounts we sell come from our team and it’s 100% safe with no recall possibility.
  • Some other accounts can be bought with reselling purpose and they pass through our careful security check. It minimizes risks of problems in future.
  • Every account we sell have no history of account hacks or recoveries.
  • Any account that is recalled from us is banned and the payment sent to the owner is reversed.

About our gold / game-currency services:

  • All gold or other in-game currencies come from real players.
  • We don’t use bots, hacks or exploits to get gold.

About our powerleveling / boosting services:

  • All orders will be completed by our trusted boosters. No random people who will steal your stuff or ruin your account.
  • Only experienced and professional players in the business. We always do our job in time without excuses.
  • We will use VPN if its required in your case.
  • We won’t transfer anything outside of your account.
  • No cheats, bots or exploits. Only hand work.

Our Warranty for account purchase:

This warranty protects you from an account recall by the original owner and nothing else.

  • If you have an issue within 60 days you will receive 100% store credit.
  • If you have an issue between 60 days and 120 days you will receive 50% store credit.
  • If you have an issue between 120 days and 180 days you will receive 25% store credit.