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Shadowlands Afterlives: Revendreth

Revendreth is a realm of the Shadowlands founded by Sire Denathrius and inhabited by the Venthyr Covenant. It is a land of gothic spires and dark secrets, and no soul wishes to end up here. Souls sent here by the Arbiter tend to be prideful or have some other flaw preventing them from serving in or going to one of the other realms, and they come here to atone for their sins and hopefully be redeemed, as the alternative is being cast into the Maw. It is the duty of the vampiric venthyr to prepare the souls—through unimaginable torment. Although the realm is mostly shrouded in darkness, there are parts of Revendreth where light has broken through the clouds and seared the earth. Many of the souls in Revendreth are vulnerable to the light and have been chained up in these areas.


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